The Hypnotherapy Clinic in Nottingham

What Can Hypnotherapy Do For You?

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Angela Lawrence, helps YOU to achieve your full potential and reach your goals

The mind holds millions of facts, memories and emotions that can influence the way we perceive life. Sometimes our thoughts are unhelpful, causing problems. The job of the therapist is to advise and help the client to find the cause of the problems. Once they are discovered the healing can begin.

Clinical hypnosis is very relaxing and completely safe experience for the relief of problems and for self improvement.

My clients have remarked how pleasant the hypnosis trance is – resembling a dream-like state, although being aware at all times of what is happening.

Most importantly you will not be made to do anything against your wishes.

Hypnotherapy is gentle, fast and effective and is so safe it is suitable for both children and adults.

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